A13  SPLIT - Aymeric De Tapol & J. Montessuis / RIPIT

A13 SPLIT – Aymeric De Tapol & J. Montessuis / RIPIT

 AEP13 Cover


Format : 7inch Limited Vinyl / Free Digital Download

Release date : 24th of June 2015

Tracklisting :

A01 : Aymeric de Tapol & Joachim Montessuis, Protozaurus, 3’41
B01 : RIPIT, Deflagrator 1, 0’56
B02 : RIPIT, Deflagrator 2, 0’57
B03 : RIPIT w/ Herbert Bourreau, Deflagrator 3, 0’46
B04 : RIPIT w/Otto Von Schirach, Deflagrator 4, 0’49

Credits :

Artwork : Line Vangrunderbeeck Silkscreen : Marijke Loozen
Master : Frédéric Alstadt, Angstrom mastering Brussels Cut : Hervé De Kéroulas, Dk Mastering Paris



A split, a fissure in an inert body, letting through the opaque fluids of bruit, the impetus of animality over comes time. A wound from which emanates a strobing mass of colours overlapping rapidly until white un-solar light settles and a non-climatic constant sharp knife cuts its way through matter.
An array of particles of time collide on a non-refractive element, the stubborn skull is the final interception, collapse is evoked, with no tragedy.

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha