Format : 10inch vinyl / Digital Download
Release date : 26th of August 2014

A01 : Entrance
A02 : Soul Buzz
A03 : J*A*
B04 : Preacher’s Echo
B05 : Buzz Dub
 06 : J*A* Version

Credits :
Written recorded and mixed between Winter 2012 & Spring 2014 by HHY & RIPIT
Vocals by Black Saturn, additionnal vocals on Preacher by Citizen Ledge
Additionnal drums by Nah
Mastered by Frederic Alstadt, Ångstrom Mastering, Brussels
Cut by Hervé de Keroullas, DK Mastering, Paris
Sleeve Silver silk printed on black paper by Marijke Loozen / Smeraldina-Rima
Photography taken from Soul Buzz video
Layout by Anne Fontenelle
“Soundboy gotta boo boo ?” -Raz Mesinai.



“We monitor many frequencies. We listen always. Came a voice, out of the babel of tongues, speaking to us. It
played us a mighty dub.” – Neuromancer

The international duo of Fujako returns to Angstrom Records with Soul Buzz, a short but intense six-track
salvo of earth shaking, gritty electronic music featuring DC’s Black Saturn.
Uniting over a love of echo, bass and space, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, from Portugal, and Nicolas Esterle,
from Belgium via France, came together to form Fujako with a desire to make music of “unlooped hip hop and
telluric dub from the geological strata.” Exiling themselves to a remote mountainous area of central Portu-
gal, Fujako re-emerged in 2009 with a debut album that crystallised their intent with a righteous sound and
fury. Soul Buzz, recorded between Porto and Brussels, continues their lifelong dedication to sonic alchemy
with thundering bass, cavernous spaces and beat up rhythms combining to speak a mighty dub into the liste-
ner’s bones.
The gravelly voice of DC-based MC Black Saturn – grandson of blues musician John Jackson – brings the tit-
le track to life, literally and figuratively, as he takes to the opening bars to exclaim that “the soul is a
noise like buzz”. Fujako provide an apocalyptic backdrop of swung out beats, distorted melodies and bodily
bass for Black Saturn to deliver acute social observations, self-referential truths and channel a spiritua-
lism not unlike the mighty dub Gibson spoke of in Neuromancer thirty years ago. The dub version sends the
original into an even more cavernous hole, deep beneath the surface of the earth where its reverberations are
moulded into a new spatial whole, layering earthy qualities with the same digital fuzz that has become part
of our daily lives.
Taking a more traditional approach, ‘Preacher’s echo’ is a spacious yet gritty dub instrumental, details
folded into the grooves, fragments of voices echoing into the layers of earth beneath us. If you listen clo-
sely enough you may find universes in the song’s vast expanse. ‘J*A*’ concludes the EP, again split into vital
halves of original and dub. On the former Black Saturn’s voice is once more added to the mix, telling a tale
of a cloud jogging deity that gives us titanium rhythms over a sparse, subtle and vast instrumental. The dub
does what the dub should, deconstructing and recomposing, bathing the song into an earthy mix that leaves it
polished with a rough and rugged layer.
With Soul Buzz Fujako continue to live up to their desire to summon a music with peculiar telluric qualities,
a perfect fit for Black Saturn’s self proclaimed forensic artistry. Dub and hip hop are the base materials of
Fujako’s sonic alchemy, the earth their working space and the ever encroaching virtual world a necessary com-
bustible to make their ideas very real.
Laurent Fintoni.