Format : 10” black vinyl
Composed & published by Fiendish Fib in 1997
Selective re-edition in 2003

“France Télécom” theme composed by Michel Legrand
Fiendish Fib: Henning Specht aka Monsieur Club & Pierre Gastou aka Charles Branson
Set up: Korg X3, Korg MS10, Yamaha PSR 60, guitar, MD, dictaphone, cellular phones toys, voices

A sound criticism on the telecommunication overdose already released initially in cassette in 1997, taking as bases the compositions carried out by Michel Legrand for ” France Telecom “. Somewhere between The Residents, Severed Heads, The Beach Boys, Throbbing Gristle, Montage, Tuxedomoon, Suicide, Aphex Twin, John Coltrane, Panasonic,  Stockhausen & Walkman, Jean & Dean, LCD Soundsystem et François de Roubaix. Angstrom_rec is in no case responsible for the phenomenon resulting from the listening of this record (disturbance of phone networks, Internet disconnection, unpaid telecom bills -)