Format : LP 12’’33rpm +Cdrom in folded sleeve
Release date: 2006
limited to 450 copies

Sleeve artwork : Sylvain Fogato
Composed and manipulated by Christophe Guiraud
Mastering: Yann de Keroullas

After the stormy and rainy «Moorning EP», the horizon looms brighter. The electricity still roams the air, scraps of voices (Lodz) blooms, the woods dries emanating their soft fragrances rising with the wake of nature. « Scarbo »is a love story, a romance between acoustic and digital, harmony and melody, woods and strings. A relation(ship) that explores a moving sensuality where the spirit of jazz dances langorously before its spectrum. Here, Tellemake presents a story where cinmatic narration deconstructs the obviousness, resulting from a high sense of composition close to diverses instrumental connections (cello ;piano ;accordeon) and their textures. A journey into the inmost depth of an emotionally rich in meanders geography. A langorous walk between the sinuous influences of Gabriel Fauré and Mark Hollis and Ellery Eskelin.
« Scarbo » is also a collaborations story . First with Sylvain Fogato’s images (photographer and video director and graphic designer) from whom we’ll find the videos on the Cd rom coming alongside the vinyl, he is also in charge for the object’s artwork. Then a meeting with fellow musicians remixing/reinterpretating compositions taken from the LP. We find names like the ones of Sink (Arbouse rec/Bee rec), Arco5 (Arbouse rec), Lodz (Tsuku boshi rec/Angstrom rec), Kob i Vento (Cofidiscs) et Yenkell (Angstrom rec).
The object itself pertinently illustrates the blending between analogic and digital for the LP is released on vinyl coming with a Cd rom where the totality of the LP’s tracks will be found as well as unreleased materials and the remixes/reinterpretations, all in high quality Mp3 to be shared.
Drummer in rockbands for several years. He played in « Spoonful », a formation blending influences from 70’s rock and New York hardcore and noise. Then he played in « Dogma », a hand peering at noisier lands and on heavy and mighty layering of harmonies. Raising from a wearyness of the « rock spirit », he equidistantly leads is researches on sound colours and physical pressures drawing closer image and improvisations centered on jazz and noise and electronica. Ensues the creation of a recording studio centered on mastering and mix. An activity that allows him to discover and clear his yearnings and musical orientations through diverse elements of modulation, ranging from the sensuality of analogic and the confused logic of digital.
In 2003, Christophe Guiraud creates his own project « Tellemake » a logical following to his research on sensuality and infection and irritation of masses of sound. His first EP « Moorning » was released in 2003 on Angström.It introduces a musical hybrid between sound and rhythm radicalism and an emotionally complex sense of melody an d harmony. Tellemake is a project in constant evolution/modulation. For his first LP « Scarbo » the distortion is substituted by space where the result of his researches in harmony and texture clatters.The boundaries between jazz, electronica, pop, experimental music disappear into an atypical music.An antagonistic musical universe where the complexity of compositions reverberates a sincere and touching emotions.
He is also half of the electronica duet « Maeko », the first LP « Geode » was released on prarisian label « Tsuku Boshi », and as a remixer for Lamb, VLAD and Domo_kun.


For the past 4 years, he has been developping collaborations with the musicians Tellemake, Braille (Angström), Sink (Bee recording/Arbouse rec) for visual and musical performances as well as autonomous videos’ creations, hybrids between experimental films and short movies. « objects » resulting from musical and visual experimentations.
The design on this project was to focus on a « climatic » approach drifting from narrative logics as well as musical illustration. The work on grainy textures and rhythms and tensions between steadiness and motion constitutes the dialectic points of convergence between visual and musical structures.
Labile and liable to uncertainty and questioning their abilities to fix a reality.the images are subject attacks, interferences, scatterings …submitted to the viewers questioning.
His works were presented in internationals Festivals and exhibitions such as Artbreak (Australia), Flux (Finland), Michaelis Fine Art School (South Africa), Vidéoformes (France), Traverses Vidéo (France)…